For easier decision-making regarding the best-suited BI-solution for your company, we have made a number of video presentations and descriptions, which you can browse in the respective section of our website. We can also give a presentation which will demonstrate the specific functions of the product you are interested in. We will do that using our demo-illustrations in multiple areas. After that we invite you to do a short pilot project using your data, and complete some specific task dealing with data preparation, visualization or budget planning pertaining to your business. This will make you better acquainted with what we do and help you decide if our product is what you need.

Схема как работаем

Two principal work options are described below


The time-sheet working hours tracking is a traditional outsourcing scheme. You give a task, an operation or a project to the specialists in the field.

BIExpert company offers the services of:

Programmers (data preparation, data quality management, individual customizing of implemented solutions);
Consultants (implementation and fine-tuning of BI-products from leading vendors);
Technical Support Staff (maintenance of our own and ready-made solutions).

The working hours of our specialists are marked in the time-sheets, and every task and the time spent to do the work are described in detail and later verified. You can be sure that only the work you need will be done. Additionally, typical tasks have a set time frame which will help you calculate approximate costs of the work at its early stages.

This offer can be of particular interest for you if you are a small or a medium business owner and understand the advantages of engaging highly-qualified specialists instead of having an IT department of your own.


The “Fixed Price” option is a scheme in which the subject-matter and duration of a project as well as its due dates are arranged to be completed within a certain time period. All the details regarding development of a particular solution are discussed at length before the contract is signed. Original tasks which will require special attention and are potentially more time-consuming are tested beforehand. The result of the negotiations is a document which is called “Commercial Offer” and an additional document called “Conceivable Due Dates”. In the two documents the goals and results of the project are pointed out, the process of work reception is described and the responsibilities of both parties are stated.

By choosing the “Fixed Price” option you can rest assured that you will get the result you need by the time you want.


Мы обратились к специалистам «BIExpert» для автоматизации процессов бюджетирования в нашей компании, т.к столкнулись с трудностями ведения планов в файлах Excel. Для нас был оперативно разработан демо-пример и проведена хорошая презентация...
Сауткина Ольга, УК «Новый формат»

Мы столкнулись с необходимостью автоматизации некоторых процессов в нашей текущей деятельности. В ходе выбора компании для сотрудничества обратили внимание на BIExpert. Понравился в первую очередь подход к работе, нам были предоставлены...
Наранов Сергей, ЗАО «Мосстроймеханизация-5»

Мы обратились в компанию «BIExpert» для автоматизации процесса ввода и анализа данных KPI, чтобы упростить и структурировать работу наших сотрудников.В результате был создан демо-пример «Автоматизация системы KPI средствами BI» и проведена отличная ...
Габдрахимов Тимур, ООО «Энтер»