QlikView is a new generation BI platform, the first analytical platform of the time which can process data in Random Access Memory. It will help you manage data from the inside and not with the help of applications. It enables users to retrieve and compile data from a great number of sources without explicitly exporting or importing data from the outer systems. Ultimately, it allows users to do a centralized corporate data analysis regardless of their original source and get a clear idea of the business situation of the company.


You can consolidate important data from different sources in one application;
You can research associative data links;
It allows for you and your colleagues to work on the same problem at the same time, in the real time mode and protected environment;
Visual presentation of the data by means of high-tech modern graphics;
You can perform direct and indirect data search;
You can work with applications, information panels and analytical tools in the interactive mode;
You can receive, analyze and access data by using mobile devices

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Qlik Sense is a new generation analytical platform for intuitive analysis and visualization. It allows to survey data from different sources at the same time as well as do a comprehensive analysis using these sources.

The application can run in the stream mode handling the data loaded in real time and quickly transform them in the format you need. The associative indexing function makes it possible to detect all the relationships between measurements which otherwise could be hidden with traditional models. Wherever the needed information is, it can be found with the intelligent search feature of the platform.

By dragging the objects users can make their own interactive reports following their intuition. The narrative effect function of Qlik Sense enables users exchange data in the presentation format.

One can also add comments and switch from presentation to data. Additionally, you can view the results of the analysis from any device at any time anywhere. The touch screen interface and the adaptive design of the system automatically adjust the application to the device you use.

Simultaneous data survey from different sources
Users can work on one and the same task at the same time
Associative links between data
Users can create their own reports
Narrative effect option
The application can be adjusted to
and run on any device you work on.
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Data analysis is a statistical survey dealing with calculations of a multidimensional observation data system with multiple parameters. SAP BusinessObjects is the biggest developer of BI software in the world. Business Objects software designed for data analysis and generating management reports allows businesses to monitor, analyze and improve their work efficiency.

Our solutions, which are based on Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence software, allow users to work with information without the help of IT staff. You will be able to get answers to all your queries all by yourself. One important feature of the solution we offer is that it is fully integrated and enables users to analyze data on business activities of the day and generate management reports with no delay.

Management reporting from Business Objects is a tool of control from the inside and a means of a company’s performance evaluation. Management reporting based on OLAP technologies is what results from financial and otherwise useful information including raw data put together and arranged into a system. By analyzing this result managers make decision to achieve their goals.

Generating queries in a subject area, viewing data in detail or summarizing data by dimension hierarchies are all done within one integrated application. This application also helps you to generate high demo quality reports and manage their delivery to the end users within that same application. A specially installed component of Web Intelligence, called SAP BusinessObjects Voyager provides access and analysis of the data stored in the OLAP servers.


XLCubed is a visualization tool, which is designed primarily for end users. This technology expands the boundaries of the Analysis Services cubes usage as well as other relational data sources in MS Excel environment.

Working in a familiar environment for users of MS Excel, XLCubed removes the limitations of pivot tables and offers the benefits of deploying solutions on the Web, providing access to data via the Web pages, custom portals and mobile applications.


New types of in-cell charts and mini-diagrams (small multiples);
Generating arbitrary reports based on pivot tables data;
Using geographical maps as means of visualization;
Generating additional calculations of various sorts;
Narrative effect function;
Sorting, filtering and ranging data applying arbitrary parameters;
Generating interactive reports

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Microsoft is one of the leading vendors in the BI market which is very popular thanks to its numerous functions and user-friendly functions of its BI-products such as SQL Server, Office, SharePoint and their components.


A wide range of user settings and self-service options in the field of business analysis for reports, data visualization and data analysis in the familiar Excel application;
Several users can share work and get common access to reports and data in the easy to manage and protected environment;
Quick creation of analytical solutions prototypes and their scaling within the company;
The software enables you to draw conclusions from both structured and unstructured data.


Excel gives new self-service options and allows users to consolidate, analyze and visualize data.

SharePoint Server provides a a complete set of advanced features for use of dashboards and scorecards, including advanced filtering, controlled navigation, interactive analytics tools and visualization.

The report services of SQL Server is an fully scalable solution which provides immaculate printing option and the option of viewing off-hand reports in the browser as well as surveying and analysis of specialized data..

The intelligence services of SQL Server allow you to create comprehensive enterprise-scale analytic solutions. These solutions involve analysis technology in Random Access Memory and provide tools for interactive surveying of summarized data.

Predictive analytics of SQL Server along with the user-friendly Excel interface is a high-tech solution for in-depth data analysis.


Datazen is an analytical product designed for development and utilization of applications on any mobile platform (PC, IOS, Android, Windows Phone), as well as via web browser.

It enables users to work with various data sources such as MS Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint, XML and others. Datazen has a wide selection of options for information display. The navigation panel helps you see the momentum indicators for the whole period or the previous year or any other time period you need, if necessary narrowed down to the time of day. Datazen provides the option of restricted access to certain data. Also, you can send reports via e-mail. Although Datazen does not replace the Power BI, it is its excellent complement.


You can use any mobile platform you like;
The solution supports various data sources;
A wide selection of visualization options;
The option of restricted data access;
You can send your reports via e-mail

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IBM Cognos BI is a tool for creating effective management accounting system designed to organize the process of data collection and its muldimensional analysis. It helps get the data ready and produce the information to the management of the company.

The advantages of the system:


This easy to use and understand tool enables you to create analytical reports of any complexity. The end-user interface is designed for information users and does not require constant support of IT specialists
The drill-down and drill-through functions allow you to switch instantly from general to a more detailed information display
The system is easily integrated with all the existing sources of information at a particular enterprise, which gives you the desired effect immediately
The built-in alert function helps you to avoid wasting time on daily tracking of any indicators or events.
All you need to do is define the items for which you need to receive alerts, specify the conditions and the way of informing, and the system will send an alert when the events in question take place

The system of business analysis built on the platform of IBM Cognos BI allows for analysis of data from multiple sources, as well as significantly reduces the time and effort required for information processing and preparation of reports. The management can access the information at any time from any geographical point.