There are enormous amounts of information concerning various business activities stored in any company’s corporate resources. This information is used to provide reports for the administrative staff, managers and data analysts. Dealing with numerous data sources requires collection and storage of all the information in one place. We offer the entire range of services for designing one single data warehouse where you will have the opportunity to update, sort out and consolidate the data which, in its turn, will allow you to control the quality of the data and to have the most up-to-date and credible information at your fingertips.
Схема подготовки данных

The data warehouse is designed in accordance with the characteristics of the data sources of a particular enterprise. The data is loaded into the warehouse with the help of Integration Services packages. An Integration Services package is an organized set of connections, management flow elements, data flow elements, event handlers, variables, parameters and configurations which are put together with the help of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Our BI Expert specialists will select the very set of parameters you need for managing SSIS packages and their automatic start-up.

The advantages you have:

A data warehouse is formed which compiles data from different sources;
In the warehouse the data is refined, processed and structured for easier monitoring and analysis;
You spend less time searching and comparing the data which adds efficiency to your management;
• It is easy to view the business operations of your company from within.

By ordering data preparation from our BIExpert specialists, you have a solution suited for your business which will allow you to quickly navigate through large volumes of information and link together the disparate corporate data. Additionally, you can continue to develop and expand the scope of the data warehouse improving the management of your company.

For many companies the problem of staff being overwhelmed with information is ongoing. Particularly it concerns analysts and top managers, the people who make both short and long-term decisions, who shape the future of the company. Lengthy, verbose reports, the abundance of numerical information, data volume that is too big and has a complicated multidimensional structure – these are the problems that present-day companies face which hinder the perception of information.

Data visualization is the most important means of information analysis which is essential in practically any business field. We offer implementation and customizing of the modern BI-products focused on generating clear and easy to understand data marts.

Схема визуализации

Our BIExpert specialists have a wide selection of solutions for visualization from leading vendors in the BI market. We can offer QlikView, XLCubed, or Microsoft data marts. At the presentation meeting you will be able to familiarize yourself with the advantages of each of the solutions and choose the best software to address the challenges you face.

Visualization can be targeted at OLAP cubes (the ones already used in other areas of your business, or OLAP cubes generated by BIExpert specialists while implementing the solution. It can also be targeted at the data warehouse. That can also be created by us as part of the visualization project and you can look into details in the Data Preparation section. Ultimately, visualization can be targeted at other sources of information of an enterprise, such as accounting systems, database files, etc.

Whichever option you choose the advantage you have are:

Easy to comprehend data (due to the use of images, diagrams and visualization panels;
Better data quality analysis (due to additional calculations, which is essential for data analysis from accounting systems, and also due to the designated analysis path among many);
Minimized threat to security (due to clear-cut access rights to data marts or any data in them);
Information becomes readily available (due to the option of accessing the needed data from mobile devices anywhere and anytime).
Greater time efficiency allows you to be a better judge of the situation.

By ordering our solutions for data visualization you are guaranteed quality, reliability and individual approach.

Budgeting is a present-day method of income and expenses planning, commodity and material flow, and enterprise performance analysis. A clever-run system of budgeting is a key to the efficient management of a business. Hence, it is the key to achieving your business goals.

We offer customized and automated processes at each stage of budget formation, to the extent it deems necessary to each individual client.

Схема бюджетирования

The advantages you have are:

Increased efficiency of the company’s resources use;
The process of budget planning and reconciliation is less burdensome and time-consuming;
Automated process of budget management and reports;
• The data on the budget are produced in great detail which simplifies budget analysis and management processes;
• You can create, analyze and compare numerous ways of your business development;
• You become the owner of an automated, flexible and easy-to-use management tool

We have technologies of the leading vendors on the BI market, which have proved their efficiency in budget systems building, such as Microsoft, Cognos, and SAP. In order for your business to achieve maximum results our specialists will offer you the best suited solutions depending on the size and specifics of your business.

The automation of a budgeting system is always an individual process. This is why ordering this service from BIExpert specialists you receive a flexible system which is fit to meet your company’s needs.

Once the introduction of a perfectly-tuned solution is complete there comes the need for its technical support (extension of the current tasks, appearance of new users, manufacturer-update of the current technologies to new versions, etc.)

We offer technical support of our own and ready-made solutions. We provide support in several areas:

Systems Maintenance
customer-tailored upgrade of an existing solution

Схема технической поддержки
The advantages you have are:

Minimized loss of important information in the event of system failures;
Eliminated system errors, reduced number and duration of failures by means of error prevention and constant monitoring of the software;
Reduced IT personnel costs by personally handling technical support without any harm done to the information security

Turning for technical support to BIExpert you protect your business from unforeseen failures.